We ensure that already declared capital is returned to a ROI!

In order to prevent a blackout in their electricity distribution grids, the electricity distribution system operators worldwide must ensure that the grids are and remain stable. If too much power is produced, power generators need to be shut down. By contrast, if too little power is available in the grid, power generators must be started up, consumers must be powered down – or even switched off.

Depending on whether electricity is produced or taken away, we speak from positive and negative control energy.

Large power plants can only intervene in this control process very slowly.
In order to ensure a rapid and efficient restoration of the balance between “electricity production and consumers”, so-called virtual power plants were created, which act as backup to the larger power plants.

In these so-called “virtual power plants” also power generators can already be integrated with smaller power from 500kW. Only by providing the generators for positive balancing power the operator of this generator can receive a compensation.
The same applies to consumers from 500kW up.
If the participating consumers or power producers are then actually switched to grid regulation, an agreed working price will be paid.

HOCON as a partner of the distribution network operator Lechwerke AG offers them the opportunity to participate in their power generators (eg. emergency generators) or consumers in the control energy market.
As a result, you will be able to return ROI for “dead” capital spent on backup generators. Or you improve the profitability of your production plants by participating in the balancing energy market.

Have we awakened your interest?

Just ask us, our team will be happy to advise you on the subject of control energy and point out to them what options exist for your company to profitably participate in the balancing energy market.

More information about control energy and power systems can be found in our brochure Regelenergie and Power Systems or contact directly Christian Poestinger (c.poestinger@hocon-tech.com)