With efficiency and fair charge to success

HOCON technologies stands for efficiency and fair charge in every project phase.
From the beginning, we provide a holistic view of your project and offer a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis. Extensive know-how and large HOCON manufacturing and supplier pools optimize your project costs. In this way, we can guarantee compliance with the project budget, which includes a transparent risk surcharge. The remaining risk surcharge will be splitted between the customer and HOCON technologies as a project profit after finalization. This HOCON-PROFIT-SHARING-MODEL guarantees a motivated teamplaying between customers and HOCON technologies.

There are no hidden price impacts – our customers can post their project profit if successful. Through strategic sourcing and HOCON contracting management, we determine best prices for each project – directly from the manufacturer of the respective products. HOCON technologies ensures an optimal overview and complete transparency. With HOCON technologies you have everything under control: quality, deadlines and project costs.
That’s efficiency and that’s HOCON technologies.

Competence comes from ability

HOCON technologies offers leading competence in machine and industrial plant construction. We have a broad range of expertise in the fields of materials handling, steel construction or special solutions. As a worldwide networked team player, we have many years of experience in international industrial plant construction. This is the basis for a comprehensive industry experience. As in the extraction of raw materials, the iron and steel industry or in power plant construction.

As flexible as your business

Flexibility is very important for us. In the daily project routine, it is important to get exactly that services what are needed at the respective project stage. We are exactly at your needs with all our know-how. Take advantage of our modular service packages and expand your project competence.
As a “general planner with additional performance” we take over the responsibility and the holistic support for the entire conception, planning and construction phase, as well as after sales phase. Starting with the first idea, the authority management, the conception and the investment calculation over the tendering, up to the production, assembly and commissioning we are the right project partner.
We also support our customers with our comprehensive After Sales Service Management. HOCON technologies offers a substantial improvement of those services by the specially developed HOCON PSM software.

HOCON project services

Project planning stage

  • Preliminary investigations
  • Inventory build up
  • Concepts
  • Calculations and project budget
  • Cost-benefit analysis

Basic engineering

  • Layout planning
  • Development construction

Project planning

  • Technical specifications
  • Tendering

Detail engineering

  • Detail design (workshop drawings)
  • Manufacturing / assembly planning
  • Fatigue strength calculations
  • Testable statics (EN1090 and Eurocodes)
  • FEM calculations

Contracting management & manufacturing

  • Requirement request and specification creation
  • Supplier selection
  • Offer evaluation and support in the order process
  • External production mediation from HOCON sourcing pool
  • Progress control and deadline monitoring
  • Ongoing quality controls and acceptance tests


  • Mediation of assembly services
  • Progress control and deadline monitoring
  • Ongoing qualtiy controls
  • Assembly superivision and commissioning support

Ducumentation & CE

  • Risk analyzes FMEA / FTA / FMECA
  • Quality control plan
  • Functional Specifications
  • Plant documentation
  • CE Documentation / declaration of performance
  • Operational and maintenance manuals
  • Spare and ware parts

After Sale

  • Part management system (PSM Software)
  • Spare parts procurement
  • Handling of warranty issues
  • Suggest of possible improvements


As design tools we use Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk AutoCAD and Tekla.
Static calculations are performed with Dlubal RFEM, MDESIGN and Mathcad.
Process visualization and graphical programming are performed with LabVIEW.