Competence comes from ability

Providing integrated support  to our customers and building a project interface is our highest calling. We understand engineering to mean the complete process, from the idea to implementation. We offer integrated planning, flexibility, creativity and broadly based expertise.
Due to the long-standing experience of our team in the international project business, we know the term impression and the increasing demand for the quality and price of the products.

General planner in industrial plant construction

Together with specialists and project developers, we form the interface to ensure a process-oriented and flexible sequence of tasks.
With regard to the complexity of these processes, we assume responsibility as general planners for the entire planning and construction phase.
Beginning from an idea over a concept, amortization calculation, tendering, manufacturing to mounting and commissioning – HOCON technologies is your reliable partner for those activities.

Industrial Engineering

Given our team’s experience with construction sites and assembly, we know the mistakes that are most frequently overlooked in plant construction. Precise planning is the make or break of a project to ensure that the later processing will not be at risk in terms of schedule and costs. Our planning is drafted by means of modern 3D or 2D CAD software. In addition to this, we prepare all necessary calculatory verifications like FEM calculations, verifiable statistics and calculations of useful life by means of state-of-the-art calculation systems.

Services for sub contractor manufacturing of steel constructions and machined parts

HOCON technologies is your partner in project management. Due to the long-standing experience of our team in the international project business, we know the requirements with regard to the quality and price of the products. Those experience in the support of manufacturing companies and our pool of contacts to manufacturers allows us to find a manufacturing company, which meets your expectations in terms of quality and price.